fredag den 1. maj 2009

New Scandinavian challenge blog

A new Scrandinavian Challenge blog is born - A little bird told me.. The blog is started by 3 very talented Scrappers from Denmark and Norway. The style is very funky and colorful, Not my usual style but I think the blog is very god as inspiration. Maby I should give it a try..! I look forward seeing what they come up with.

They have 2 give-a-ways for today,:

1. Minikit from Scrapsisters

2. Journaling spots from Maya Road - sponored by Dreampapers


3 kommentarer:

  1. dear Else.

    Thanks for the sweet words - I defently think you should give it a try!!!

    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. ps : Jeg elsker også headeren!!

  3. Selvfølgelig skal du prøve deg på en av våre utfordringer :D

    Håper du får en dejlig weekend :)